General English System

Our English Language Program has 3 Dimensions

1. Standarized and Formal:

a. Guided by a specific language scope and sequence

b. Project-based

c. Leveled for differentiated abilities

d. Collaborative

2. Functional Instruction:

a. Closely related to the daily life of the students

b. integrated with other subjects: Math, Science, Religion, etc.

c. Students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge through actions, performances, projects, etc.

3. Immersion Approach

a. Students are expected to be fully immersed in English language inside and outside the classroom.

b. Increasing number of instructional hours

c. Improving teaching strategies.

English Language System Updates

Scope and Sequence:

It indicates the English language goals and objectives which are to be taught by teachers and mastered by students for each grade level and under three categories:




-learning materials, projects, activities evaluations are designed according to the scope and sequence goals.

-The Scope and sequence is designed according to both Turkish national curriculum and the European framework of languages.

Differentiated Instruction

– At the beginning of fifth grade, students sit for a placement test to measure their academic growth and potential in English Language. ´

-Depending on test results, students are divided into three or two groups according to their level.

-The main and sole purpose of the leveled classes is to tailor instruction based on the specific needs of students groups to increase and promote their success as English language learners.

– All instructional groups aim for the same educational standards; however, standards vary in difficulty level and pace of instruction.

Project based Learning

Project based learning teaching strategies are implemented during project lessons.

English projects combine English skills, and main course English into a life skills framework.


TOEFL exams are valuable tools that can help us, teachers, and you, parents to understand the proficiency level of the students as well as their progress.

-It measures:

a. Language form and meaning

b. Speaking skills

c. Writing skills